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Apartment Styling


Austria, Spain


Sonja Hanslmayr


interior design



Our Mission

We want to...

  • delight you and especially your guests with a perfectly furnished and equipped vacation home

  • significantly improve the ratings for your vacation accommodation

  • noticeably increase the occupancy rate for your vacation home, even in the low season

  • that they achieve the best possible rental income due to an excellent standard

Increase the Occupancy Rate

Living in a house or an apartment is very different from marketing it. On the one hand it is the often very individual interior and on the other hand the lack of atmosphere in completely empty properties that turn out to be an obstacle when selling or renting. ​Only a few people can imagine a room changed. In empty rooms it is often difficult to judge the proportions correctly. In the case of furnished objects, the individual style of the current owner is usually too present.

We create atmosphere ​Home Staging emphasizes the advantages of a property, creates space, develops a light and color concept, assigns a clear function to all rooms and "neutralizes" through the targeted reduction of personal things and the addition of suitable ones Rental furniture, accessories and lighting.

I look forward to impressing you and your guests.

Tel: +43 (0) 664 922 2302

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